Monday, December 27, 2010

exam mode~

huhuhuhuhuhhhh..*ok, ni bukan senyum or feeling happy tapi mengeluh..ngee*

kelmarin exam skill lab. fuhh,,
overall ok, alhamdulillah, :) the-15 minutes-test wasn't as fear as i thought.. thanks to Allah sbb xlupa steps, except kat first station. :( dah lah first station, tgh nervous, then prof bleh plak tolak2 sekejap masuk bilik 9, sekejap nak suruh masuk bilik 10.. -.-' last2 prof suruh stay kat bilik 9.

situation :

examiner n an assistant tgh bincang something.. me>> tercangak kat belakang dorang.

me : dlm hati *hmm, ade model ventilation, ambu bag, and blood pressure. ah sudah, BP test, dahlah tgh nervous ni, xpe2 relax2..dlm fikiran tgh igt steps for BP test.*

assistant keluar, tinggal saya dgn examiner je.

examiner : id please
me : (give id.)
examiner : ok, do oropharyngeal airway (OPA).
me : (glup! *telan air liur n retract of eyelid.* ok, lupe steps..) can i close the door? (saje nk bg relax dulu)
examiner : no
me : (ok, serius gler doctor ni. pergi kat model n ambik OPA. try size OPA kat angle of jaw to insitor)
examiner : no, like this. (dia betulkan OPA tu sbb terbalik)
me : (aiseh, tolak markah dah..cont buat, tp dgn tgn shivering. alhamdulillah, ok. but then i realized that position salah! huh, tolak markah lg)
examiner : that's the correct OPA?
me : (betul ke? ah, ni mesti gaya nk psycho..) yes. (gaye confident)
examiner : ok, why should we put OPA for unconscious patient?
me : to relieve airway obstruction cause by tongue (acehh, laju je jawab sbb dah hafal. :))
examiner : ok. here your id. wait at the door until the bell is ringing.
me : (ambik id smbil senyum) thank you.

n after that,, alhamdulillah all 4 stations tu ok.. :)
this thursday plak dah exam mcq, 90 question but ONLY 45 marks. -.-' but xpela, still it is an exam kn?. gotta to fight even if it is only 5 marks.. :)

all right, gud luck alex peeps! may all of us got the best result. :)

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