Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kem Sembrong is Rock!!!

Salam again..
today, i wanna share my xperience in NS Kem Sembrong..
I admit that b4 this I really hate to attend the NS..
but I felt that it wasn't really bad..
the activities are very cOOOll!!!
especially flying fox n tali tinggi!!
i think that was the awesome n sweetest xperience that i hav ever had..
n not 2 4get the 'para-para' on Kem Open day..
thats the best xperience..
unlucky that 2day i cannot show the pic
but mbe next time ok??
i goOOtta gOOO!!

happy olidae for 5 days!!!

Salam 2 all..
act,i should post this on last saturday but i don hav much time..
it's a very enjoyable moment u guyz!!
mbe nothing special 2 u as this olidae is like the usual olidae..
but not for me..
this the only holiday i hav before i graduate from ns..